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This and That and Another Thing and Etc.

Spotlight on Services

Spicing Things Up

If variety is the spice of life, then things are pretty spicy over here at Spot On Images. For some people, Bill is the face of Spot On Images, while for others, their contact is usually with Jane. Whichever of our faces is the one you associate with our business name, behind the scenes we work together, pooling our experience and skill sets to offer many different kinds of services to our clients.

Photography and Videography

Spot On Images was established to provide photography and video to local real estate professionals. Both our faces are familiar to that community. Bill, because he goes out and does the photography/videography and Jane because she handles networking, marketing, appointment making and deliveries. Our services include:

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Twilight photography

  • Commercially licensed drone

Behind the scenes we divide up the tasks based on our various strengths. When Bill comes back from a shoot, Jane handles the initial portion of the image processing. Then Bill gets it for editing. He's the one who was there, so he knows what the colors should be. Then Jane gives everything another look with fresh eyes, because it's easy to miss something when you're editing. Sometimes at this point the images go back and forth a couple of times until both of us are satisfied. Then Jane delivers it to the agent using whichever format(s) the agent prefers.

When you receive an invoice, that comes from Bill. If you see a posting on social media or read one of our blogs, that's Jane. The website is a joint effort. Bill designed it and keeps it up to date, with photos and pricing. Jane provides most of the content and manages SEO.

A Deep Well of Business Experience

The "this and that" of our business grows out of our experience - Jane in the corporate world, Bill as an entrepreneur. Both of us have worn a wide variety of hats and we find our experience serves our customers well. It not only enriches the quality of the service we provide in photography and video, but we're often hired by our clients for all kinds of jobs that have noting to do with a camera. We don't print "jack and jane of all trades" on our business card, but you might be surprised to discover all the things our clients end up hiring us to do.

Jane's career focused on sales, training, marketing and customer satisfaction. Her career took her into many types of industries, both as an employee and as a service provider. An exhaustive list of the the industries she worked in or served would be...well, exhausting. So would a list of all the things she did for the various industries. Whether she was working in retail or in a bank or selling copiers, she was always tagged for special projects no one else would tackle - from company picnics and newsletters to resolving accounts receivables.

As an entrepreneur, Bill wore every hat, just like every small business owner. His first venture was a computer company he started out of his one bedroom apartment. With his great drive and ingenuity, he was soon giving the big boys a run for their money in every bid for computers in the Metroplex. Indeed, SMU recognized his company as one of the top small businesses in Dallas. Like most entrepreneurs, pay day came when someone bought his business, but all he did was change hats. The next morning finance and investments were his challenge, but along the way he did consulting, developed real estate, worked as an interpreter and wrote code.

Doing Things Backwards

Though our reasons for it were different, both of us received only smatterings of college before we headed off to our careers. This never kept us from achieving success, but it always felt like unfinished business.

So, in the early days of this century, we both went back to school. Bill, whose associate degree was in digital engineering, earned a BS and an MBA, both with high honors. His focus was small business and entrepreneurship.

Jane had been on her way to a business degree when she left school. Her primary reason for leaving had been that a business degree was what her parents insisted she get, while she interested in something a little more creative. She was very pleased to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Performance with an emphasis in Creative Writing. And all those business classes she took for her mom and dad's sakes? Well, she took a few more and graduated with a second major in business. And all those honors Bill earned? Jane gave him a run for his money.

Re-Inventing Ourselves

You know that awkward time twenty-somethings have when they have a brand new degree and aren't sure what to do with it. It's really awkward when you are fifty-something. That's when Bill tried consulting, but a new city every week didn't suit his personality, so he went back to chasing profit through investments and finance.

Jane had some poetry published, wrote a novel no one wanted and devoted most of her time to care-giving for some elderly family members. Along the way she started doing some freelance work. At first it was just a few articles for the internet, then content creation which became website development and then blogging. She never really marketed herself. One thing just led to another. She'd find herself working almost full-time for a while. Then things would dry up until, and then slowly but surely she had her hands full again.

Then Came Spot On Images

With her odd collection of skills in marketing and writing, Jane donated a year to a global video ministry and collected a whole new set of skills. During that year Bill got restless sitting behind the computer and toyed with the idea of returning to real estate photography, something he'd done when we lived in California and were working in real estate - both residential sales and commercial development.

Bill's vision included marketing Jane's skills with photography as a sideline. Jane was eager to help Bill get his photography business off the ground, but didn't see how what she did fit into it, at all. In the end, Spot On Images started out as a real estate photography business and Jane's services were the sideline.

As much as they both hate to admit it, they were both right. The photography side of the business was easier to sell than "marketing services," but once that got going a little content creation here and a website there soon led to social media management. Before she realized it, Jane's offer to help out with Bill's photography business turned into a full time job - a job which would require a description several pages long - but a job nonetheless.

But, just as the photography/videography side of the business benefits from Jane's skill set, the marketing and writing services side of the business benefits from Bill's strong suits. While Jane excels in a plethora of tasks, knowing what to charge for them is not something she's good at and without Bill, she'd probably forget to bill for them altogether. Her command of web platforms, social channels, apps and tools is encyclopedic, but she hates tech support. She'd much rather trouble shoot with Bill and even when he doesn't even know what the app is supposed to do, he's the one who finds himself on the phone talking to tech support.

In fact, no matter which side of the house a project lands, we look to each other for inspiration, advice and support. We're a team in every sense of the word and nothing is accomplished without both of us.

This and That and Some Other Things

Among the this and that's we do are the things on the list below, but if you don't find what you want, just ask. We might do that, too.

  • Content creation

  • Bios

  • Listing Descriptions

  • Blogging

  • Designing, managing and updating websites

  • Setting up social media pages and getting on the Google Map

  • Managing SEO, ranking and keywords

  • Digital advertising - like Adwords and Yelp

  • Training for social media, websites, SEO etc.

  • Designs for print advertising

  • Newsletters

  • Marketing consulting and campaigns

Here's the bottom line. We're here to help real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers, contractors, freelancers, ministries, charities, artists, artisans...whoever, with whatever they need on the marketing side of the house and we offer these services with an eye on the management side of things, something creatives don't always have in their skillset. Now the question is, how can we help you?

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