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2020 - The Year of You

Spotlight on Marketing

It's Your Year! How Can We Help?

Are you still packing away your Christmas decorations? Cleaning up from your New Year's Eve Party? Have you already broken your New Year's Resolution? Or are you still figuring out what it is going to be? Welcome to 2020.

If your 2020 actually looks a lot like 2019, that can be a good thing or a very bad one. If 2019 was an awesome year for you - rock on! If you want 2020 to be something different than the last 12 months, then you need to do something different. We'd like to help.

Services to Fit Your Needs and Your Wallet

Guess what! We don't know what you need, until we know who you are and what you are doing.

Have you ever noticed how many folks want to tell you how they can help you? When it comes to marketing, we have a lot of services we provide to a wide variety of people, but the scope of our work and its pricing is based on what you need and can afford - not the package we've dreamed up to sell you.

Yes, we provide real estate photography to some of the best agents in the area, along with videography and drone services, but that's just one facet of our business. We've also built websites for clients as varied as piano teachers and brick masons. We manage social media for everything from realtors to masseuses. We've trained entrepreneurs to do their own online marketing. We've provided aerial photography for lawsuits and inspectors. We write biographies, create content, blog and many other writing projects.

However, what we've done is not as important as what you need. We understand you. We're not out banging on the doors of major corporations with extravagant marketing budgets. We have a heart for small businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, craftsmen, artisans, service providers, ministries and the rest of you out there who are counting every penny and don't see how you can afford marketing services.

Let's Sit and Chat

We'd love to sit down with you and listen for awhile. That's where we begin. Once we know who you are and what you do, then we can begin to understand what you need. We will work with you to see how you can best afford what you need to take you where you want to go.

The results of these conversations vary. Sometimes people just take what we've discussed and put together their own marketing plan and we're happy to know we've helped them. Sometimes we sketch out a plan that starts very small, just a few hundred dollars to get things going, but includes all the hopes and dreams our client has for the future. Other times we take on huge projects that take us months to complete. How can we help you? Let's talk about that. Call Jane at 972-971-5263 and get an appointment set up today.

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