About Bill

As a professional photographer I find myself drawing on many of my past career experiences. For example, I spent several years in the computer industry.  This has helped me with photographic  technology, both in the areas of camera equipment and post-production programs.  It also helps with the technical development of websites.  My marketing experience, in a number of industries, gives me an edge in knowing what pictures appeal to customers and sells properties. Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in business, with an emphasis on marketing, which positions me nicely in understanding my client’s needs and producing spot-on images, websites and marketing material. 

Photography has nourished the creative side of my brain for many years. Below are some of my earliest attempts at serious photography. Back then I used Kodak film and developing cost had to be kept in mind.  Post processing programs were unknown and the predominant computer language was DOS.  I explored the use of contrast, light and shadows, colors, style and message.  I was also fascinated by the technical possibilities of images, beyond merely capturing a scene realistically.  I still enjoy the opportunity to try new things with my camera.

Having arrived at a point in my life where I want more than income from my career, I have combined my love for photography with a continuing passion for real estate to create Spot On Images.  In this way I employ my creative eye with my technical expertise to produce gorgeous images for an industry I love.  My goal is to provide extraordinary service at a reasonable price to people who understand the impact of good photography in their marketing plan.  What can I shoot for you?

Bill Sadek

About Jane 

I’m a wordsmith, a story teller, a raconteur.  On the rainy afternoons of my childhood, the neighborhood kids gathered in my carport to be entertained with rambling tales I made up as I went along.  In the days before video games, I led my audience through wooded lots, over small creeks and around fence lines in intricate storylines about princesses and pirates, played out over many days.  I’ve grown up now, but I haven’t lost my passion for a good story.

In a world gone mad over images, storytelling is still important and it requires more than good grammar and a spell checker.  Sometimes images alone can say everything needed, but they do have limitations.  When your story needs more than pretty pictures, that’s when I can help.  In three decades of professional experience, I’ve taken my natural penchant for a good story and honed it into a powerful marketing tool.

 Sales, marketing, training, team building and customer support are the solid building blocks of my career and at every turn my ability to convey ideas through words fed my success.  I had a burning curiosity which carried me through a wide variety of industries, exposing me to many products and services.  Whatever my title or job description however, I was always the writer.  Brochures, signage, manuals and letters – these were my early assignments.  Today websites, blogs, videos, memes and social sites are my primary media, but if it needs to be written, I love it.   


Nothing is better than practical experience, but along this journey I did return to school to refine my words with formal education.  I earned a performance degree in creative writing, magna cum laude with honors.  My poetry has been published in literary journals.  My professors urged me to continue on to grad school, but I realized my heart was in commerce. 

So here I am and I’m ready to tell your story.  Where do you want that story to take you?

Jane Sadek

Spot On Images Serves Rockwall, Texas and Surrounding Areas 
Phone:  (214) 499-6519  Email: BillSadek@gmail.com 

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