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How to Put Yourself on the Map

Spotlight on Social Media Footprints

Googled Lately?

Do you remember life without Google? Twenty short years ago we did have search engines, but nothing like Google. And even now, there are other search engines, but for most of us, Googling is a way of life.

Funny thing is, you might not have a clue as to how Google goes about responding to searches, but you'll follow them to restaurants, how-to videos and movies. Since Jane has been in marketing for almost twice as long as there's been a Google, she's been watching the evolution of this phenomena.

Take that helpful map that comes up when you Google a certain kind of business - like restaurants or piano teachers or wedding videographers. Have you ever wondered how those particular businesses landed on the map? Do you have a business you wish was on the Google map? If you are utilizing the map, you probably love it. If you're wishing you were on the map, you may not like it quite so much.

Get a Google Brand Account

Though it may seem as if Google knows everything, they actually only know what we tell them. A Google Brand Account tells Google who you are, where you are and other details that will be pertinent to your potential customers.

What's exciting about a Brand Account is that if you have one, should someone Google your type of business in your neighborhood, you can be on the map. What's even more exciting is that it is free! Getting to the top listing on the map may take some work, but without a Brand Account you'll never make it!

Find Your Spot On the Map

The first step to getting on the map is easy. You can just search "Google Brand Account" and find all kinds of information out about them. Setting the account up is not hard at all. Google wants to get to know you. Granted, getting on the Google map means you put a target on your back for their marketing and they'll mine your activity for their own benefit, but getting on the Google Map is pretty strong marketing, so you owe them something. We've been in their cross-hairs for years and nothing untoward has happened yet.

For some businesses, setting up the brand account and having your location verified by Google is all you'll need to do - especially, if you are the only one doing what you do in your area. The more competition you have, the more you'll need to do to get noticed. If you need some help with knowing what kinds of things will get you on the map (or listed higher on the map) we can help you with that.

Helping you get noticed without wiping out your pocketbook is the mission here at Spot On Images. Whether that means providing great real estate photography, sprucing up your website or or just writing a great biography for your broker's website, we put our expertise to work for you at prices that allow you to stay in business. Give us at call at 214-499-6519 and let us know how we can help you!

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