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Real Estate Photography - Awesome & Affordable


Why It's Awesome!

Bill Sadek, our photographer, is very gifted. He can find the right angle in every room. He's been a real estate agent, so he understands what the images need to do. He's a consummate professional, so you and your clients are going to love working with him.

You schedule your appointment the way you want to - text, email or by phone. Bill shows up, dressed like a professional and he behaves like one.

He will get down to business and take the photos in a reasonable amount of time. He'll take the amount of time he needs to insure the shots are great and he gets every shot he needs. How long that is depends on the size of the house. He will do light staging when necessary and will ask permission before he moves anything.

He takes all his shots in HDR (High Dynamic Range) for the best possible raw image, then every shot is edited to put the home's best foot forward. When needed we make the grass greener and the sky bluer. We will add clarity, vibrancy and saturation, to perfect each photo, but the finished product will be recognizable as your listing, not edited into a fantasy.

Before he leaves, he'll show you and/or the client his work to be sure everything is like you want it. Within 24 hours, you'll have your photos delivered via email in the format you prefer. Billing will also come via email and is due before delivery.

Why It's Affordable!

NAR (National Association of Realtors®) statistics verify your listing will get more clicks, have more showings, get more offers, get higher offers and sell faster if they have professional photos. How can you afford not offer this service to your clients.

Real estate photography by Spot On Images is particularly affordable, because while our prices are competitive, they are also inclusive. You're not going to get dinged with bunch of fees that could add $100 -$200 to the basic rate. The whole fee is quoted above. The only thing you could add would be drone images and a twilight shoot.

If you'd like to provide real estate photography that is both awesome and affordable for your clients, then just give us a call at 972-971-5263.

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