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Have Camera Will Shoot Places

Spotlight on Photography

More Than New Listings

Real estate photography for real estate agents is our primary gig.

  • Our clients depend on us for high quality photographs, delivered within 24 hours, but they know they will usually get the images long before that.

  • They depend on our photographer to arrive on time, to behave in a professional manner, to cooperate with home owners and to share the raw photos at the end of the shoot.

  • Our prices are competitive and include everything that is needed without tacking on extra fees. What's more, we customize our policies and procedures to fit the needs of our clients.

  • Our photographer is a commercially licensed drone pilot.

  • We take and produce video for promotional and social media purposes.

  • You contact us the way you want to, we shoot according to your tastes and we deliver by whatever method you prefer.

That's our bread and butter, but it's not the whole meal.

Real estate agents are not our only customers.

  • While we recommend that everyone should hire a real estate agent for buying and selling homes, if a homeowner decides to go it alone, we'll be glad to take the pictures.

  • We're a friend to stagers who need photos to market their services.

  • Inspectors sometimes need drone images to view hard to reach spots or to show their customers what is wrong in those hard to reach spots.

  • Home owners may need images for insurance purposes, property disputes or small claims courts.

  • People building homes like to see phases of construction from a bird's eye view

  • We do some work for local magazines.

  • People who love their homes and gardens, hire us to captures images of them decorated for a favorite season or a special occasion.

  • Contractors need professional images of their work for websites and social media.

  • Entrepreneurs need photos of their products for potential distributors.

  • Cities and communities turn to us for photos to promote the opportunities they offer.

Places Not People

Here's the bottom line. We are real estate/architectural photographers and videographers. We don't have a studio. We don't have a green screen. We use Lightroom, not Photoshop. We specialize in places not people. Sure, we can do a lifestyle video to promote a home with people in it. We'll be glad to feature you in a video to promote your business or listing. However, head shots, portraits and group photos are not what we specialize in. From time to time we will do them for a good client, as a favor, but before we agree to, we make sure they understand we won't produce the same product as someone with that specialization.

There are many kinds of photographers with a wide variety of specializations. Portraits, events and sports are just a few, but it can be even more specific, like aviation pictures or underwater photography. Some photographers say they will shoot anything you want, which may sound accommodating, but should be a signal they do not have a specialization. They haven't discovered their niche or developed a business plan for a specialization. They may or may not have the equipment best suited to your needs.

If you need portraits or pictures of your pets or a head shot or any of those other photos, we strongly encourage you to hire someone who specializes in taking and producing those images. If you need real estate/architectural images, call us. You'll love our service and our products - and I promise, we'll be good to you.

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