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How Many Social Channels Do I Need?

Spotlight on Social Media

Where Do You Connect?

Clients often ask me which social channel they should use, but the question usually sounds more like this:

  • I don't need a Twitter account do I?

  • Am I going to have to set up a Linked In Profile?

  • I have a Facebook account, isn't that enough?

Or variations thereof. Though some people live all day on one of their social media accounts, liking all their friends' meme's, commenting with gif's and posting pictures of their lunch, using social media for business intimidates even them. If all you have is a Facebook account where you lurk, not post, then it's really scary.

The answer to the question of which social channels is not the same for everyone. The current message in social media land is that Instagram is the hottest channel out there, but the most important channel for you is probably the one where you already have the most connections. You could have the best Instagram feed in the world, but without followers it's not doing you much good.

Where Could You Connect?

While the best social media channel for you is going to be the one where you're already connected with your tribe, why stop there? Since there are different strokes for different folks, we all tend to get in our own little ruts. If you live on Facebook, chances are you don't spend much time on Instagram. If you and all your friends hand out on Instagram, you may not even have a Linked In profile.

Other folks are just like you. They have chosen a social channel that fits them. Do you really think they're going to come over to your favorite channel just to find you. Newsflash! They're not. If you have chosen not to have an Instagram account for your business, because you have it happening over on Facebook, then you need to understand you have abandoned an entire channel of potential clients.

I can hear your thoughts right now. You want me to know that you barely have time to post in one place, much less across a whole array of social channels. Well, there are a variety of solutions for, from hiring us to do your social media, to using an app. With apps like Later, Hootsuite and Social Pilot, you can create one post and have it go to all your various social channels. In fact, you can sit down, plan out a whole series of posts, schedule them and let it all happen like magic.

The Devil is in the Details

The auto-posting apps are a great tool. Having a profile on all the social channels and posting there regularly is a good place to start. If that's as far as you get, then kudos to you. You can now be found, even on social channels that are not your "thing." However, for real success you also need engagement and that does take time.

A social media profile with regular posts sends an important message. It means you're serious about your business and you work at it, but a social media channel with lots of followers and interaction is even better. The good news is that if you streamline your posting through one of the apps, then you have more time for engagement and that's what really counts.

Like many things in life, social media engagement is one of those things that is simple to do, but hard to find time for. However there are many solutions. You don't have to spend all day, every day, online liking every single post that comes up. A little bit goes a long way.

  • Choose one social channel a day and spend a few minutes to grow your tribe. You can do this while standing in the grocery line, waiting for the barista to make your latte or even while you watch TV.

  • Let your older children manage your accounts to earn their allowance.

  • Save an hour once a week to catch up on all the channels at once.

  • Create games in your head to make it more fun, keep an eye out for things you can steal, notice trends

Like many things in life, you'll find that once you make it habitual, you'll also find out that you enjoy it - or you can just hire me.

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