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Why We Fly High

Spotlight on Aerial Photography

Working on the East Side

Not every listing needs a drone shot. In fact, if your listing is in a clutter of roofs, like a subdivision, a picture of all those roofs is not going to help sell the house. However, perhaps an aerial shot of a community pool, golf course, tennis court or amenity center might be just what you need to convince someone to come take a look. Or what if the town house or condo is only two blocks from Klyde Warren Park and the Dallas Arts District. If you do a little brainstorming about your listing's location, you might find many reasons for getting us to fly for you and if so, you'll set your listing apart from all the rest - especially if it's in a sea of roofs.

Because our office is in Heath, we focus on the East Side of town and the opportunities to capitalize on proximity become even more frequent. Is there a lake nearby or an entertainment area like The Harbor? Out here the lots get bigger, too. Properties have shops, barns, corrals, greenhouses and storage buildings. Pool areas spread out and are graced with outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, cabanas, guest houses and more. There's room to park your RV, tractor, water vehicles and four-wheelers. Some listings have boat docks and fishing piers.

Drone Shots Tell the Story

We have become a very visual society. Five years ago, instructions to put a purchase together would be written and would only include a few illustrations to point the way. Nowadays, chances are your instructions will be a series of illustrations and if you want more than that, then you'll need to Google your purchase on You Tube for a video. Images, photos and videos are preferred by most people and they remember them better than text by itself. (Images with text still have the best retention rate.)

In the same way, an agent can tediously check every feature available on their MLS listing and it will help with the search, but if people don't see the features, then they're not going to associate the home with the features. Potential buyers want to see the Wolf Stove, the stone fireplace, the custom closet in the master bedroom and the utility room. They especially want to see acreage, pools, the proximity to the lake and that workshop. We get that and that's why we'll fly for you starting at $65 with any real estate photography appointment.

Our photographer is a commercially licensed drone pilot. To get the right shot he can fly high and fly long. He's even woven his drone through tree limbs and high wires to get the right shot. (He doesn't like doing that, but he's just that determined to get the shot you need.)

If you want drone shots with your listing, we do need good weather, because high winds and rain keep us from flying. We also need to know ahead of time that you'll want an aerial shot, because the drone has to be charged up and we'll need to bring it along with us. So, next time you get a listing, consider all the ways an aerial shot can show off your listing and then say, "Be sure and bring the drone!"

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