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One of the benefits of working with a premiere brokerage is that they understand the power of internet marketing. They spend a lot of money developing an online presence and agents can get a lot of mileage out of maximizing that resource. That's why it amazes me how many agents settle for the minimum of information on their personal webpage sponsored by the broker..

Networking is part of my job, so I meet a lot of agents at MLS meetings and during visits to real estate offices. One of the first things I do when I get home is take a look at their online profile. Their personal webpage often sports a picture as old as their real estate career, inoperable email links and a broiler plate bio that advertises their company rather than telling their own story to potential clients. Some agents haven't even done that much.

I was a real estate agent myself at one time, but I came into real estate with a marketing hat permanently affixed to my head. My broker loaded my picture for me and put in my contact information, but they also gave me the information I needed to log into my page and I populated every space I possibly could to set myself apart from the other people in my company.

I didn't stop there. Social media was not a thing in those days, but we designed a website, way back in the day when all these beautiful templates were not even available. We did that because while it is nice to be identified with a broker, it's also nice to have your own branding.

Make It a Priority

In visiting with agents I've discovered there are a number of reasons they fail to take advantage of all the internet resources available to them. For some it's because the personalization and population of the sponsored page is left up to the agent and the agent is not comfortable with the digital world. I can help with that. Let's sit down, build a brand for you and then you can give me your log in information. I'll do it for you.

Other agents put off enhancing their image because they don't have access to the page and they have to turn the items into someone who handles that. They just haven't gotten around to preparing anything to give to the IT department. Well, I can help with that, too. I can prepare your information in a downloadable format.

You also need something besides your personal page on social media. Your clients might be your friends, but you also need something potential clients can find through a search and something that tells your professional story, not just what's going on with your kids and your vacation.

So, if you're a hardworking real estate agent, help your potential clients find you by making your mark on the internet. Give me a call and let's talk about your brand and your potential.

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