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My Words Tell Your Story

Spotlight on Writing Services

I Use Your Voice for Your Story

It's one thing to write about myself and my own business. It's quite another to write about someone else and their business, but that's what I do most of the time. Professional bios; descriptions for listings, products and services; social media posts; content for websites, blogs and collateral marketing pieces are all assignments I juggle on any given day.

My first job is always to understand who I am writing for and what voice would be best for their story. Are they the warm friendly type, who prefers first person or will third person be a better voice to use? Do they have a dry humor or prefer outright jokes with big guffaws? Do they use a lot of technical jargon in their speech or utilize more familiar terms. Are they more of a teacher or would they be better characterized as a caregiver?

Then I have to understand what they do or sell. Sometimes I am familiar with the products or services provided, because I have been a part of those industries too, like retail, banking, real estate and office equipment. Sometimes I will have to spend significant time in research. Here's just a short list of the kinds of clients I have written for:

  • churches

  • ministries

  • videographers

  • photographers

  • real estate agents

  • construction companies

  • brick and stone masons

  • carpenters

  • electricians

  • piano teachers

  • mortgage officers

  • title company officers

  • health service providers

  • massage therapists

  • personal trainers

  • lawn care

Then I Start to Write

Once I understand my subject and the character of my principal, then I can start writing. There still may be questions to ask and research to do, but I can start putting my ideas and impressions together to create my assignment. When I've fleshed out my subject and have something to illustrate what the finished product will resemble, then it is time for feedback.

If it is a short assignment, like a bio or brochure, my first draft may be quite close to the final product. If it is an extensive project, like a website, the first draft will merely be a guidepost to the direction I am headed. This is where I learn if I have gotten it right.

Sometimes my clients are amazed I have written something about them which better relates who they are than what they had anticipated could have come from our conversation. Other times I think my client wonders if we were both present during the same getting acquainted session. Either way, it's all part of the process. If all I have to do is polish, I've been lucky. If I have to head back to the drawing board and start over, well that's OK, too - as long s they love the finished product.

The Final Product

According to the purpose of the finished product, there are other layers I add to my work. Online there will need to be keywords. For social media, hashtags. Each project has it's own criteria. Whatever project we begin, the first step is to sit down and talk about what you need. The consultation is free. Won't you give me a call today at 972-971-5263.

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