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Spotlight on Social Media

Wrap Up of Small Business Expo Seminars

One final post concerning what I picked up at the recent Small Business Expo and I'm done. I'll throw a few of their Buzzwords at you and share some of the apps they recommended. I'll share them in the order in which I attended their seminars

The Cheesecake Factory Syndrome - Most people who go to the Cheesecake Factory order the same thing every time. The menu is entirely too complicated, but once you're in, you're a captured audience. Once you've eaten there, then you are willing to go back, because you are familiar with something you can order. When your website is too complicated, you don't have a captured audience. They bounce back to what's familiar.

"R&D" definition - Rip-off and Duplicate

"Who does a potential client care about?"- They care about themselves. That's why your website sucks, if it's not about them and the results they want.

"Squeeze Page" - This is place on your website for people to land. The purpose is to capture their information. Do not offer them a free ebook or a long video! Do not have a whole page about you and your company. That's not why they are there. Say, "Hi, these are the results of my product and these are the rules. Give me your email if you are interested."

"No Buy Buttons" - Do not have a buy button. No one wants to buy. They just like to shop. Instead have "Add to Cart" buttons. The are familiar with adding to their cart when they are shopping.

"Never change yourself to make a deal."

Every business needs a face or faces. Don't have your logo as your profile picture. Have a face!

Build your company story around the challenges you have overcome for relate-able authenticity.

Rate of Engagement, not number of followers, is key to success.

Never ever pay for followers or partner with anyone who does.

Only partner with influencers who have the same target audience.

Use trusted resources to vet influencers, not data from the influencer.

Magazine/TV quality content from professional content creators on social media, beats Magazine and TV advertising.

Consistent posting is important, but relationship are more important. Click, Like. Comment, Share (according to site)

"Buyers journey has become very complex. The world is not changing. It has already changed."

Artificial Intelligence & Bots are in a hurry to replace traditional websites. Devices like Alexa are driving the technology.

Users are already using chat bots and are willing to provide information for convenience, with greater ease than talking to a human. Increases lead generation capabilities and feeds digital strategies. Facilitates targeting.

Some recommended apps etc. - Content Curation & Creation: Scoop It, Buzzsumo, Phrasee

AI: Next It

"Do image on your own terms."

Check the mirror. Do you have RBF when you are networking or selling. (RBF - Resting B_ _ _ _ h Face)

"Your situation may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility"

"Pattern of Restriction" - the natural pattern of life - get out of it

"Focus on the Apple not the Orchard."

"Write like a 7th Grader"

"Find the Perfect Headline" (use apps like

To grow your FB account, find 25-35 people to send friend requests to each day. If you max out at 5000 and want more, open a new account and start again.

Facebook Live should be a minimum of 5 minutes and in those 5 minute you just greet people and wait.

Put your social media sites on Email Signature

Don't boost post on Facebook page, go to ad manager instead.

To cold call celebrities, try Twitter

Some recommended apps, etc. - Easy Social Leaderboard; Quora; Voicera; Workflowy;;;

Buzz Wrap

I hope some of this information was helpful to you. I found some of the seminars much more helpful than others, but these were my favorite bits. If you'd like to talk about how some of this fits into your social media plan, give us a call at 972-971-5263.

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