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A Bird's Eye View

Spotlight on Aerial Photography & Drones

Aerial Photography Adds Another Perspective

Over here on the east side of Dallas we have the stuff dreams are made of. While some neighborhoods are filled with average homes on average lots, many properties also have that something extra. Lakes, ponds and creeks give homes a waterside appeal. Communities offer golf course lots, green spaces, walking/bike trails, playgrounds and community pools. Homes with acreage are plentiful and many have their own water features and/or utility buildings on site.

Aerial photography makes features like these come alive in a way that a list of property details cannot. Images drive the real estate industry. According to all the statistics, potential home buyers are cruising the internet long before they ever contact an agent. If you don't show the home shoppers the features they are looking for, then they'll keep clicking. Sure, all the agents in town know your listing is just around the corner from the lake/the walking trail/the playground, but that doesn't help when the home shopper lives in Minnesota and they've just found out they might be moving to Texas.

"A picture is worth a thousand words," is something people often say and they say it so often, because it is true. Pictures taken at ground level can show the various features of a property, but an aerial photograph demonstrates proximity. The house is next to the pool, which is across a bridge over the creek from the horse barn and riding corral. The lakeside property features an outdoor kitchen, extensive decking and a gazebo by the water. As you read thee words you imagine what they are describing looks like. A aerial photo of the property makes the audience start imagining themselves on the bridge, riding in the corral and enjoying a drink on the deck.

If your listing has this type of features and you don't get drone shots, then you are doing both yourself and your client a disservice. With the right shots the property will sell faster and for more money than it would with just descriptions and ground level shots. Isn't a fast sale and more money what you want?

For only $50 you can add a drone shot to any appointment with Spot On Images. It's only $99 to get multiple drone images. Don't shortchange the potential of your listing. Tell us to bring our drone when you schedule your appointment. Our photographer is licensed as a Commercial Drone Pilot by the FAA.

We want to be your real estate photographer and we'd love to provide the drone images to sell the unique features of your listing. Call us today at 214-499-6519 to set your first appointment and we'll even throw in a free drone shot - if you mention this blog.

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