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A Little Housekeeping

So, it's a New Year. We're all thinking about what's ahead and how we could do what we need to do better. Perhaps like us, you're also doing a little housekeeping. You may be going through your files deciding what needs to stay in the pending file, what needs to be filed away for reference and what just needs to be thrown out.

As you go through the files, you may wander down memory lane. You smile when you open some files. These clients were the most fun, those were or the easiest to work with. That one was the highest commission you ever made. While this one sold the day you listed it.

Well, we've been doing a little of that and we decided to share some of the fun with you. This is just a sample of what last year looked like for us. It's not every customer. It's not just real estate. It's not every job. It's in no particular order. It's just a few things and we're so grateful to our clients for the opportunities they represent.

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