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Need Drone Shots With That?

Spotlight on Drone Photography

When Is an Aerial Drone Shot a Good Idea?

We'd love it if agents requested a drone shot with every order. We make it affordable by offering one drone shot with any shoot for only $50. If a drone shot will set your listing apart, who not? Anything that sells your listing faster for more money is a good idea. That being said, we know some listings just don't need aerial coverage.

For instance, if you have an average-priced home in a typical neighborhood with no special exterior features, a drone shot is only going to show a bunch of roofs. However, add anything special and a aerial shot could change everything. What's special? Here's some ideas:

  • Water

  • Is there a pond, creek or lakeshore on the property or nearby?

  • Is the community pool nearby?

  • Space

  • Is there a greenbelt, park or walking/biking/jogging trail adjacent to the property?

  • Is the home on acreage or a large lot?

  • Views

  • Golf courses

  • Wooded areas

  • Any water features

  • Cityscapes

Home Features

  • Pool

  • Sport Court or Equipment

  • Playground Equipment

  • Playhouse

  • Pergola or Gazebo

  • Specialty Gardens

  • Fire Pit

  • Barn or Workshop

Another situation when a drone might help to sell, what is otherwise a typical house, is when the geography of the home presents challenges. Many very beautiful homes sit atop a hill or steep incline. A picture taken from ground level will emphasize the front steps or retaining wall. It might also distort the elevation of the home. Flying the drone just high enough to get at eye level with the

home will greatly enhance the initial impression of an online viewer. A home that would have been rejected at the first click because of the steps or retaining wall might inspire a visit, because the potential buyer has a chance to fall in love with it before they see what would otherwise be a disqualifying feature.

High Ticket Homes Demand a Bird's Eye View

The higher the price tag of the listing you want to sell, the more likely your potential buyer will be looking for an aerial shot. Luxury buyers are buying a lifestyle, not just a house, so they expect to see exterior features around the home to complement what's inside.

When you can afford the kind of house most people only dream of, you expect a buying experience that is a step up from average expectations. A series of droneshots, showing everything from the roofline to the surrounding homes helps to encourage the buyer a transaction for your listing will meet all their desires.

So, next time you are planning your marketing for a new listing, consider aerial drone photography for enhancing the appeal of the home. Drone photography is just one of the services we offer to agents and homeowners. Call us today to discuss the best options for your next listing.

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