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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Spotlight on Community

An Expression of Gratitude

Whether this post-Thanksgiving weekend finds you exercising your Black Friday shopping skills or you're back at your desk doing your job, Bill and I wanted to take this moment to say thank you to all of you who have made it possible for us to have this business.

There would be no Spot On Images if a dear friend had not been willing to share the secrets of his success. Jack has since passed away and we miss him more than we can say, but his generosity of heart inspired Bill to believe he could make a go of it and Jack's knowledge helped Bill do it right.

Our first jobs weren't exactly what we had in mind, a head shot and a product shoot, but they gave us a reason to keep on trying. Then the actual real estate assignments began to trickle in. We are so grateful to the handful of agents who were willing to take a chance with a new photographer. From those early assignments we've built a core of favorite agents who call us regularly to shoot their listings and refer us to their fellow agents. A nearby town hired us to create a catalog of marketing images. We forged a strategic alliance with a staging pro. Then homeowners found us online for their FSBO homes. Friends who aren't in real estate refer us to their friends who are. Each new assignment is a valuable opportunity to us.

Along the way we've expanded our offerings. We've offered marketing advice, built websites and set up social media pages. We've helped businesses get on the Google map and rise in the SEO ranks. We blog, write bios, home descriptions and other types of text-based marketing to complement our real estate images.

But this isn't an advertisement - it's an expression of appreciation. Thank you, very much. Thank you for every time you gave us an opportunity to shoot your listing. Thank you for every piece of advice. Thank you for giving us another chance when we didn't get it right the first time. Thank you for every assignment and every referral. Thank you for every like, follow and comment on social media.

We hope this holiday season is a very special one for all our clients, friends and strategic partners. May the coming year will bring all of us more success than we dreamed was possible.

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