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How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost?

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Spotlight on Real Estate Photography

Can I Afford It?

After "location, location, location" and pricing, images are the most important tool for marketing homes. Agents may not realize it, but potential buyers certainly do. NAR statistics tell us two important things:

  • 95% of buyers go online to search for homes

  • 44% of those buyers look online before their first contact with an agent

In other words, the photos an agent posts on the MLS are the first impression most potential buyers will experience and if the images aren't right, perhaps the only impression. In that critical moment when they first click on the listing, they will decide whether to look at more pictures or click to the next listing. If the pictures aren't compelling, the buyer moves on. It's just that simple.

In a sellers' market, when buyers are trying to outbid each other the moment the listing goes live, you can get by with mediocre pictures, but the market has turned. Dallas News says the average days on the market for a median priced home has gone up 8% and the number of homes listed has gone up 15%. That might not sound like too much of a change - unless it is your listing and your client needs to be out of their house.

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The Size of the House Determines the Price

Real Estate Photographers have a variety of ways to price their product. At Spot On Images, we base our price on the size of the house, because the bigger the house is the more pictures you will need and the longer it will take us to capture and process them.

Property Shark says the average size house in Dallas is 1433 square feet. If you focus on newer homes, the average size is 2613. Spot On Images will shoot a 1433 square foot home for $119 and a 2613 square foot home for $139. The larger the home, the more affordable our services actually are. You can even add an aerial image for as little as $50. For more information on pricing, see our price page.

Our Rates are Fee-less

On the surface our pricing may seem very similar to other services, but there is one big difference. Our pricing includes the services for which other companies add on fees:

  • All images shot in HDR (High Dynamic Range)

  • Editing for every shot of every shoot

  • Greener grass

  • Bluer skies

  • Re-schedule for weather

  • Re-schedule for seller's convenience

  • Mileage outside Dallas city limits

  • Photos beyond a certain number

  • Use of photos for any marketing beyond MLS

This means the price we quote will include everything you need without having to worry about up-charges. The only up-charges we have are charges for aerial images, twilight shots and in rare cases mileage (should the property be further than 25 miles away).

So don't shortchange your listings. Give us a call at 214-499-6519 or book an appointment online.

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