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Staging Matters

Spotlight on Real Estate Photography

Great Staging + Great Photos = Great Listing

We've said it before, but recently we had the opportunity to prove it. Staging matters!

Like many people, we have real estate as a line item on our financial portfolio and one of our rental houses wasn't penciling out. It's a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, but it didn't meet our ROI criteria. We had plans to renovate it the next time it became vacant, but then our tenants skipped. The timing was awful for us, but we set to work doing a total remodel from the exterior to the floor covering in the closets. The house had been built in 1969 and in spite of constant updating since then, it was showing its age.

One thing we knew from the beginning was that we'd be staging the vacant house when it went on the market. We're photographers. We know how difficult it is to make an empty house look good in pictures. That's why we called our friend, Amy Fedosky of Staging Dallas, before we even started the demolition. We wanted to be sure we were heading in the right direction with our remodeling plans and she gave us great advice.

Empty vs. Staged

Working with Amy was a pleasure. She supported us through the months of the renovation, touching base to be sure we weren't stuck and providing referrals when we were. Finally, we got close enough to done for her to walk through and measure all the final spaces. We discussed which of her furnishings would look good in which places, deciding what to stage and what to leave alone.

As a favor, because she's always so eager to do favors for us, we went in before the staging was done and took pictures of the empty house. She usually grabs a quick video before her staging, but she knew side-by-side professional photos would tell the story much better. We knew they could help us too, when a client wanted us to shoot a vacant house.

And here's the results, side by side. See what a difference staging makes! Everyone who saw the house empty and then saw it staged was amazed at the difference. For great staging, contact Staging Dallas. For great images, call us at 214-499-6519.

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