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What’s Happening on the East Side of Dallas?

Klyde Warren Park in Downtown Dallas, Spot On Images

Spotlight on Community

City Leaders Visit Agent Meetings

Those of us who depend on real estate for our livelihood are very interested in the future of our communities. That’s why city officials, both elected and appointed, are frequent speakers at various Metrotex MLS meetings. Recent meetings here on the East Side have included talks by representatives from Rockwall, Rowlett, Forney, Garland and Balch Springs. While each of these officials had announcements specific to their own communities, there were several interesting ideas they shared with their counterparts in other communities.

Downtown Rockwall, Farmer's Market, Spot On Images

Revitalization of Downtown Spaces

Klyde Warren Park (pictured above) and the Dallas Arts District go suburban! One thing each of the city officials underlined was downtown revitalization projects. In fact, the term Klyde-Waren-type-park was used over and over again. These cities don’t plan to build a park over a highway. They just mean a centralized multi-use park is a major feature in their planning for their downtown spaces.

With these parks and revitalization projects there is a refreshing return to the arts. Whether it’s amphitheaters for outdoor performances or spaces defined as community arts centers, art is making a comeback. Culinary art rated right up there with the others as the cities’ representatives were quick to point out restaurants were being wooed into the downtown, but chains were being discouraged in favor of more modern and unique choices. Pictured above is Downtown Rockwall on Farmer's Market day.

Forney Plans for the Future, Detail of EDC Brochure

Downtown vs. The Front Door

While each community had a laser focus on downtown, citing muti-use developments, entertainment spaces and special events, they were also interested in identifying and emphasizing their Front Door or Gateway. In every case this was removed from their downtown presence. Garland pointed to the I-90 corridor. Rowlett anticipates the development of Bayside along I-30. Balch Springs looks for their I-20 corridor to invite travelers to drop by for a visit. Forney touts a “Gateway” Development along Hwy 80.

Dallas Growth is Moving East

While northern communities like Plano, Frisco and McKinney continue to top the lists of fastest growing cities, a new portion of the incoming population is looking east. Growth continues up north and sleepy little places like Prosper, Princeton and Melissa are sleepy no more. In fact, communities all the way to the Oklahoma border are growing like never before, but the north is not alone. Keep an eye on these lists and you might soon see names like Forney, Rowlett and other Lake Cities communities.

Balch Springs and Forney are being discovered by couples, families and singles. Heath, Fate, Royce City and others can’t build fast enough to meet the demand. Garland, Rockwall and Rowlett are inundated every weekend with home buyers visiting open houses. Everywhere you look, new roads are being built and old roads are being widened to accommodate the housing developments popping up. This trend has pros and cons, but one thing is for sure, the east is the new north, so get ready for continued growth.

To encourage growth, most of the communities are sweetening the pot with financial benefits. They have grants, loans and incentives to offer those who will start businesses within their borders. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own little specialty restaurant on a town square, Rowlett would like to speak to you. If you’re wondering where to put your new medical practice, then you should check out Forney. Executive suites, small motels, bakeries, attorneys – whoever – the door is open and the welcome mat is out.

Whether you own one of the businesses moving towards the Lake Cities or you’re promoting the spaces they will fill, you’ll need quality images and that’s where we come in. Spot On Images provides residential and commercial photography and videography. We take aerial images. We can help you with your websites and brochures. We’re excited about growth and stand ready to help you and our communities reach these lofty goals outlined by their officials.

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