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Why You Need Words Online

Spotlight on SEO

Words Take You Where Images Can’t In Online Searches

There’s a dirty little secret about search engines and you might be completely unaware of it. Search engines can’t see images. All they can do is read.

Have you ever really thought about why search engines require words? And have you noticed that sometimes it takes very specific words? A hastily typed inquiry will usually deliver you more than you wanted to know, but sometimes you have to pose a question several different ways before you find anything that’s helpful. That’s because if the words aren’t already there, the search engine can’t find them.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keywords. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, that’s what’s driving what you find on the internet. Knowing how search engines find keywords and which keywords to use is not rocket science, but there is a lot to it and thanks to something called algorithms it’s changing all the time. Your best bet is to get some help and Spot On Images knows just what you need.

The internet can be an important item in your marketing toolbox, but to maximize its most important tools, you have to do more than appear on the MLS and your company’s website. For many agents all they need is the basics. They want their listings to show up in online property searches and for a search of their name to bring up their page on the company’s website. If that’s all you want, then you’re done, but if you have larger aspirations, then there are a lot of tools available to you and we know what those tools are and how to use them.

Your Own Online Footprint

It’s great to know that when someone types your name into a search engine they’re going to immediately see you listed on your company’s website. That’s good, because it verifies that you’re who you say you are - but when that’s all there is, the company defines you and they’re in control of your destiny.

The good news is these national websites are managed by the savviest SEO specialists available and they are going to employ every possible trick to keep you and your company in the forefront whenever your name is typed into a search engine. Sometimes your local broker and/or team also have a website with you on it. That means when someone searches for you, they’ll have several choices from which to choose.

However, imagine how powerful it would be if instead of just being a part of other people’s website, your very own website is the first listing on the page and the other websites merely support your identity. Now you’re making an impression, before they even click on your site. In fact, using the right tools, your name in a search engine could pull up pages and pages of places you can be found.

In fact, over time and with some work, you can become an online expert about real estate in your area, because most agents won’t do the work that requires. When buyers and sellers Google, Bing or Yahoo a question, you could be the one whose answers they see. You’ll need your own website with a blog, a good social media plan and some time, but it’s doable and Spot On Images can help. If you’re interested in taking your footprint to the next level, Spot On Images is here to partner with you in your efforts.

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