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Real Estate Marketing - Images and Text


Photography, Videos, Aerial Images

Spot On Images is a real estate photography company with the ability to offer you a lot more than images for marketing your listings, but all the same, we do take great pictures. We’ve got a talented photographer with a passion for architecture, a love of décor and a lot of experience in real estate. He uses the latest equipment and technology to take and process gorgeous images of your client’s property. Of course we’ll get your images back to you the next day and our pricing is competitive. And yes, we do have a drone for aerial photographs and video.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, BUT…

Images have a huge impact on your audience, but the right text multiplies the effect geometrically. That’s why Spot On Images also offers writing services. Working alongside our photographer is a talented wordsmith. She’s paired a degree in Creative Writing with decades of marketing experience in a variety of industries, including real estate. Whether you need a bio for the company website, content for your blog or just someone to punch up your description on a flyer, Spot On images can help. However, what we’d really like to do is create a custom presentation for your best listings.

When you’re selling luxury homes, you face greater expectations from your sellers and your buyers. Your sellers expect you to use every tool available to showcase their home and buyers expect to be wooed into a showing. These buyers and sellers know the difference in a slideshow created with a template and a customized multimedia presentation. A virtual tour with music and narration can provide all the romance your luxury listing needs.

Spot On Images utilizes all our expertise to create a unique production devoted to your client’s property. Our photographer will capture gorgeous still photos and aerial images that go beyond the usual pictures in the MLS. Then he’ll film flowing water, burning fires, dancing fountains, opening doors and other videos to give life to the still pictures. These images will be the basis of a custom script written to highlight the very best parts of the home. We’ll find just the right fonts and the perfect music to complement the images and text. The result will be a virtual tour that pleases your sellers and courts your potential buyers. What’s more, it probably costs a lot less than you think.

How Can We Help?

There’s no end to number of ways Spot On Images can incorporate images and text to promote your listings and your career. We begin by listening to your needs and help you develop a plan. Then we’ll get to work to make your marketing dreams come true. Contact us at 214-499-6519 or to put us to work for you.

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