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Spotlight on Real Estate Videos

Several Flavors of Video

Video has been a part of our repertoire since the beginning, but at first no one was interested. Drones were just beginning to be a marketing hot button and we were ready for that, but we were disappointed people weren't interested in video. Now videos on social media are all the rage and clients have begun to ask us if we could make them. The answer is a long and loud, "Yes, we thought you'd never ask!"

Now that video on social media is in demand, we find that when people say "video" they can mean a wide variety of things. They can mean a slideshow, a short teaser video or longer walk-through version with dialog.

Animated Slideshow Video

We take the photos from a shoot, put them in a slideshow with some titles and captions and then drop in some background music. Voila, you have a virtual tour or slideshow you can use on social media and it only cost $29. Like a standard real estate photo shoot, we can provide a 24 hour turnaround time for these, along with the rest of the shoot.

What's more, for a few dollars a day, you can boost the post on Facebook or use it in ads on other social media sites. Video is a magnet. Folks can't resist it. What a great and economical way to grab attention.

Teaser Video

A teaser video usually runs 60,90 or 120 seconds. There's a variety of media from still shots to actual video in it, with or without drones thrown in. The teaser video is designed to focus on the highlights of a property. There can be photos, logos and memes at the front and ending to sell the agent along with the property, but the meat of the video is all about the listing.

Themed music is added in to set the mood. While you'll want to show some of the rooms, vignettes and landscapes are probably even more important. Titles and captions can direct the viewer through the video, but aren't necessary, because the most important aspect of teaser videos is the emotional impact.

A teaser video is a strong selling tool and averages around $200 based on the length, the inclusion or exclusion of drones and other tricks. We can get a teaser video to you in 3-5 days. Like a slideshow, these work well on social media, especially when boosted.

Walk-thru Videos

Walk-thru videos are like the teaser, but the addition of a voice over and/or the inclusion of the agent in the video, takes it to another level. These are longer videos and they are like an actual visit to the property. It's less about vignettes and tricks, more about showing the house.

Walk-thru videos, to a certain extent, need to be scripted. There will be multiple takes. Extensive processing and editing will be required. The price will depend on the length and what is included. Like the teaser video, we will need 3-5 days production and perhaps two, depending on complexity. Prices will be quoted per project.

May We Set an Appointment for You

We're excited about the popularity of video. We added some new equipment and upgraded other items to ensure we were offering the best quality product available. We'd like to thank Brain Rogers of D.R. Horton's Somerset Park in Rockwall for allowing us to use his model home for a sample. If you like it, give him a call at 713-494-9670.

And what about you? Would you like a video with that? Call us today at 972-971-5263 to set your appointment.

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