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Spotlight on Real Estate Photography

Photography is Our Bread & Butter

We offer our clients a lot of different services. We can build a website, write a bio or manage your social media, but the main thing we do is provide real estate photography to some of the best real estate agents in the area.

We're not the biggest, the fastest or the cheapest. We just provide incredible service and great photos - every time. We don't have a client list that goes on for pages and pages and pages, because we are a small company offering boutique service to select group of clients.

We have one photographer. You're going to get him every time you schedule an appointment with us. He has the right equipment, technique and expertise to provide a set of excellent photographs of your listing. He will arrive on time, dressed in a casual professional manner and will treat you and your home owner with the respect and appreciation you deserve. If you need aerial shots, he is licensed as a commercial drone pilot with the FAA.

Our photographer will take all your shots in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and they will be delivered to you within 24 hours, in the format you prefer. Most likely, you'll get your photos long before 24 hours, because we do all of our processing in-house. Each image will be edited to put your listing's best foot forward. Exterior shots will get greener grass and bluer skies, if they need it.

You'll love the service you get. You can call us, text us or email us to set up your appointment, and you'll get a confirmation right away, but many of our clients call us, just so they can chat with us. We're as excited about their listing as they are.

We know weather and home owners are hard to control, so if you need to reschedule, we're not going to penalize you. We're on your team. We know that even if houses have the same square footage, they often require a different number of shots. So, we help you control your costs by charging you based on square footage, rather than the number of shots.

When we deliver your images to you, they are yours. You can put them on the MLS, use them in advertising, whatever you need. We never put a restrictive license on your images, because we took them for you, not for us.

While we don't even try to be the cheapest real estate photographer in town, we are very, very reasonable, especially when you consider all that is included and our extraordinary service. An average 2000 square foot home will cost about $139 and you can add one drone shot for $50. If you need more aerial shots it's $99 and we'll do twilight shots for only $79 more. See how affordable that is?

While we may not be the photographer for everyone, we might be just who you are looking for. We're so such you'll like us, that we're willing to give you a free drone shot with your first appointment - just mention this blog! Call us today to schedule your appointment at 972-971-5263.

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