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Do You Prefer Boutique or Big Box Service?

Spotlight on Real Estate Photography

Big Box Service

Real Estate Photography businesses come in all sizes and varieties. Some of them are a like a big box store.

Their name is recognizable, they have lots of customers and they do a lot of business. Big box works, because it suits a lot of people, especially people who know exactly what they want, where to find it in the store and don't mind waiting in line.

Big box stores do have some knowledgeable people to help you, but you never know whether you'll get one of them or the high school kid that knows less about the product than you do. Sometimes the knowledgeable salesperson is a gearhead who speaks in technical terms way over your head. You may go into the store once a week and never see the same person twice.

Big box stores usually have great pricing and incredible specials, but if you're not careful you can end up spending more than you antiscipated. That great price you came in for is just the beginning, because to get what you need, you muist pay for peripheral items or services. When you get your product home, if you made the right selection, it will do it's job. Good luck getting help after the sale.

Boutique Service

Spot On Images is not a big box store. We're more like your favorite boutique.

Our name isn't as familiar as the big box store, because we don't do a lot of advertising and we certainly don't have a brick and mortar store. Our customer base is much smaller than the big guys and while we're busy, we're not a factory churning out our services. We work hard to suit one customer at a time and we provide our services based on their needs, rather than our rules. You don't have to know exactly what you want to work with us. We'll work together to provide what you need at a price that suits your budget. And lines, we don't have them.

When you contact us, by whatever method you prefer, you will always communicate with either Jane or Bill. We're knowledgeable about our services and your needs, but we speak human to humans and save the tech talk for the equipment. You will always know who your photographer will be and who will be processing/delivering your photos. That also means that you know who will be interacting with your client for the photo shoot. Home owners love Bill's easy going, but very professional personality and demeanor. They see how hard he works to get great shots, his willingness to do light staging and when the pictures are done, he'll show the images to the home owner.

The best news is that while we are a boutique shop, we don't have boutique pricing. Our basic photo packages are on par with any of the big guys, but there is one difference, we don't heap on a bunch of add on fees to jack up the price. Rescheduling fees, travel fees, editing fees, charges for green grass or blue skies - none of these will be added to your basic package, because they are all included (as long as you are in a 25 mile radius of our office in Heath.)

In fact, you'll discover that in many cases we can be a lot more affordable. Want an aerial shot added to your package? Since we're already there, we'll add drone services for only $50 more, just be sure to tell us ahead of time so we'll have the drone in the car. Need rush service? Not a problem, just let us know when you book the shoot.

We will deliver your photos to you in whatever format you prefer and when we do, they are yours to use however you want. If, when your pictures are delivered there is any problem whatsoever, just let us know. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work, even if that means going back out to re-shoot. You're the boss.

So what kind of service do you want from your Real estate photographer. Are you happy with your Big Box solution or does Spot On Images sound like what you've been dreaming of.

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