New Development to Transform Lake Ray Hubbard Area

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In the Heart of the Metroplex?

After hearing a talk by Developer Kent Donahue at a recent Rockwall MLS meeting we were inspired to take a look at the Bayside website. The site said, “Bayside is a 262 acre regional landmark situated in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.” Nice verbiage, but whoever wrote it must not have had access to a map. Bayside is nowhere near Arlington!

While the site does skew the map a little bit, here’s what it promises, juxtaposed with a summary of Mr. Donahue’s remarks .


On the Website Per Donahue (our paraphrase)


Northside Improvement Area This area will be developed first. Streets

are already in. Utilities are going in now.

Luxury Multi-Family Units: 845 units to be Still in the plans

developed by Western Rim

Lifestyle & Conventional Residential: 600 units K Hovanian is among several builders who will soon be building homes

Mixed Use Retail/Restaurant/Office: 400,000 Yes, there will be a grocery store, but no

square feet one will commit until there are actually homes with people in them up there on the hill.

South Improvement Area Work will start in October.

Resort: 500 rooms Hotel flag to be announced soon, down to three. Same architect as the Omni downtown.

Limited Service Hotel: 200 rooms Will be built before resort

Marina: 1,000 slips It’s going to be awesome. Completely replacing current marina a section at a time. Docks will be wide enough to accommodate golf carts. Boat sales & maintenance. Travel lifts. Diesel Fuel. Day Docks. Entertainment.

Luxury Multi-Family Units: 1,650 units Built around a "Klyde-Warren" type park

High Rise Condos and Townhomes: 350 units Sales office opens in early 2018. In the past, project managers have been involved with names like Rosewood and Ritz Carlton.

Mixed Use Entertainment/Restaurant: 300,000 Focusing on Millennial-pleasing one off square feet gastro pubs and such