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Spot On Images VS The Competition

Spotlight on Real Estate Photography

You Have Choices

Deciding to use a professional photographer for your next listing could be a very smart choice. Once that decision is made however, your next choice could be even more important. Who will you choose for your marketing photos?

Oh, I Use…”

When we’re out and about, making new contacts, agents aren’t hesitant to tell us who they’re currently hiring for their marketing images. Then we ask if they’re happy with the service they are getting from their current provider. Here are the answers we hear most frequently.

  • “Oh, I use [one of the big guys].” (There are a handful of companies we hear about all the time. They’re big and they’re usually pretty good. We don’t need to list them, because everyone knows who they are.)

  • What agents like

  • The ease of ordering

  • The price

  • What agents don’t like

  • Add-on fees, like mileage, reschedules, green grass, blue skies, editing etc. running up the cost of the shoot

  • Inconsistency in the quality of images due to skills of photographer or processor

  • Inconsistency in the way their clients are treated due to the varying levels of professionalism in the team of photographers

  • Not knowing who their photographer will be

  • Growing lack of relationship and/or personalized service

  • “Oh, I use a friend.”

  • What agents like

  • A sense of relationship

  • The price

  • What agents don’t like

  • A sense of obligation when the friend’s services no longer meet their needs, because of lack of time, skill or equipment

  • Appointments must be made around the friend’s other job, primary photography focus or other considerations

  • Reschedules due to other obligations

  • Often can’t offer premiere services like aerial photography, videos, narration etc.

  • “Oh, I use the photographer from our office."

  • What agents like

  • The ease of ordering

  • The price

  • What agents don’t like

  • Photographers lack of availability due to commitments to other agents

  • Photographers lack of availability due to their own real estate responsibilities

  • Often can’t offer premiere services like aerial photography, videos, narration etc.

  • “Oh, I use one of the photographers from our preferred vendors list.”

  • What agents like

  • The assurance they’re getting someone who’s been vetted by associates

  • What agents don’t like

  • Difficulty getting appointments when they need them

  • Not sure if prices are fair

  • Not sure if services they need are available or not

Choosing Spot On Images

We’ve listened.Here’s what it’s like to do business with us.

  • What you’ll get

  • Ease of ordering – call us, text us or order online. It’s up to you.

  • Competitive pricing – Our packages are designed to include all the things you want in your shoot without add-on fees

  • Price based on size of house, not number of pictures

  • Blue sky, green grass and basic editing included in package

  • A sense of relationship, because after the first shoot you’ll be acquainted with our only photographer. He’ll learn exactly what you want and he’s fun to work with.

  • Consistency in quality because one photographer takes all the pictures and either processes the photos himself or inspects them before delivery.

  • Consistency in service and professionalism. Our photographer is a seasoned pro who loves what he’s doing. He pledges to you that he will treat you and your clients with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

  • Our business model is based on providing extraordinary service to a small number of agents. We do not plan to grow this business past our ability to provide our services ourselves. If you are one of our clients, you will be an important asset to our business – not an anonymous customer number.

  • We provide full service photography – still photos, video, drones, slideshows, voice over narration, customized multi-media presentations

  • Flexible scheduling

  • What you won’t experience

  • Add-on fees

  • Inconsistencies

  • Lack of personalized service

  • Other priorities

We’re not trying to be everybody’s photographer, but we might just be the photographer you are looking for. Try us out on your next listing and find out.

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