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Bill Sadek, Photographer for Spot On Images

Bill Sadek, Real Estate Photographer


Person to Person Service

People are important at Spot On Images. We know our clients by name – not by customer or ticket number. We know Mary prefers twilight exterior photos, John always wants a drone shot (even if he forgets to ask) and Stacy likes her appointments to be in the morning, so she won’t be tied up when it’s time to pick up her kids. That’s called relationship.

We’ve designed our business to operate based on relationships. It’s what sets us apart from the other guys and it’s at the crux of everything we do. Some real estate photography companies thrive on volume. They service several metropolitan areas and each area is serviced by a team of photographers. It’s a great business model and it works well for many, but not for everyone.

There are a variety of reasons why a real estate agent might want to know who would be shooting their listing. Chief among them is the comfort of knowing you’re going to get what you need with the money and time invested. You probably want to know a few other things before you schedule a shoot.

You’d like to know your photographer:

  • Understands your desires and preferences.

  • Has the eye to pick out the shots you want.

  • Has the right equipment with the right features to do your job.

  • Provides consistent quality in the finished images.

  • Will treat your client with respect.

  • Won’t surprise you with a list of add-on fees.

Meet Bill Sadek

Part of the value of having a relationship with Spot On Images is that you always know who your photographer will be. We only have one. His name is Bill Sadek.

  • You’ll only need to tell him once what you want and then every time he does a job for you, you’ll find he’s refining his work to better suit your personal preferences.

  • He’s got a natural eye he’s been developing for decades. He’s even been a real estate agent himself, so he understands what you need.

  • He keeps his inventory of equipment up-to-date, always providing the latest in technical advances. Still, video, aerial and more – he’s got it.

  • Every image provided to our clients has either been processed by Bill himself, or it has met his approval before being delivered.

  • Bill’s professionalism, courtesy and tact have been developed over decades. When he’s dealing with your clients, he knows he’s representing you and will never do anything to jeopardize your relationship with them.

  • Spot On Images has clear cut, inclusive pricing clearly stated on our website and you will receive your invoice before the service is provided. No surprises!

Bill’s personal passions were the inspiration for starting a real estate photography business. A born entrepreneur, successful in several business ventures, he was ready to try something new. So he took a personal inventory and put together a business out of what he enjoys most.

  • Photography had been a passion for as long as he could remember. He’s taken classes since his twenties and some of his previous careers have used his skill in this area.

  • Architecture and décor are such a passion that he’s built three custom homes and has completely remodeled 2 others. If he’s not building or remodeling, he’s redecorating.

  • Real estate is a re-occurring theme in his career. He and his wife worked several years as residential agents. He’s developed land. He manages his own rental properties and when it’s time to sell one of the houses he’s built or remodeled, he revels in marketing it himself.

Real Estate Photography seemed like a natural fit, but there was more. He had a wife with three decades of marketing experience, including real estate, and a degree in Creative Writing, but that’s for another day. After a few months of researching the market, upgrading his equipment and learning all the latest technology, Spot On Images was born.

Today Spot On Images is busy providing customized marketing images and services to real estate agents. We’re not everybody’s real estate photographer, but we just might be the one you’re looking for. Contact us today at 214-499-6519 or

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