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Scrapbooking & Photo Storage


Jane Sadek is a photo coach who gets your photos and memorabilia from wherever they are to wherever you want them to be.
Your memories are her media!
Contact her now at 972-971-5263 or

Traditional & Digital Scrapbooking Services - DIY or Turnkey

and more

  • Online Storage for all your media - with the benefits and security of ownership

  • Photo & Memorabilia Organization Tools and Services

  • Photo Editing 

  • Photo Printing

  • Digitize old photos, slides, home videos and more

  •  Streaming services for video 

  • Digital Autobooks, Digital Photo Books, Digital Photo Albums and Scrapbooking Software

  • Photo gifts, cards, calendars and so much more

  • Traditional scrapbooking albums, pages, adhesives, tools, supplies, stickers, embellishments, training, events and more

It's a very visual world - smartphones full of images, social media, shoeboxes of photos and memorabilia.  You want to organize it, share it, save it - but how. 





She made her first scrapbook in the 60's for her school memories.  Next were adhesive photo albums full of snapshots and memorabilia.  In the 90's she discovered cropping with archival strap and hinge albums combining photos, memorabilia and journaling - and she hasn't stopped creating scrapbooks since then.

Through decades of scrapbooking she has discovered the best products, supplies, methods and tools.  She'll happily do your scrapbooking for you, help you get it done for yourself or provide you with a wide range of photo services - from online storage to photo gifts and digitaliztion.  She is a Forever Ambassador and a Creative Memories Advisor.  

Let Jane help you!


If you'd like Jane to create your traditional or digital scrapbook/photobook, which could include editing, printing, digitizing and organizing your photos, please contact her for a personalized quote.  Prices are determined by the scope of work, size and type of album and many other factors.  Call Jane at 972-971-5263 or email her at to schedule a consultation.

If you are interested in managing your own photos with online storage, photo printing or digitization, streaming, digital autobooks, digital photobooks, photo gifts, cards or calendars, or even scrapbooking hardware for Forever, you can visit or contact Jane directly at 972-971-5263 or

If you'd like to order scrapbooking supplies for your own traditional and digital scrapbooking projects, you can visit

If you'd like to know more about Jane, her scrapbooking and photo services, click here.

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