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Preparing for Your Home’s Photo Shoot


Real Estate Photography plays a critical role in marketing your property. In fact the National Association of Realtors® revealed that 89% of buyers cite photographs as the most important feature on real estate websites and homes with professional photographs are viewed 61 percent more frequently than others and sell for higher prices than similar homes.


For these reasons, the images taken of your home will be one of the most significant factors in selling your home.  We offer this Check List to help you get the most from the photographs we take.  While we’ll gladly do light staging and make small changes to improve our shots, it will be the steps you take in preparation for our visit that will be the most important.


The Check List

In The Days Prior To The Shoot

The Front Elevation & Back Yard



These are the most frequently viewed images of your home, particularly the front elevation, it is on this picture most shoppers base their initial interest. First impressions matter and if this picture is not appealing, many buyers will not get past it. 


___Remove distracting items such as hoses, toys, lawn equipment etc.

___Trim Trees and shrubs

___Weed flowerbeds, rock gardens and open spaces not covered by sod

___Remove dead plants

___Mow and edge the lawn as close to the shoot date as possible

___Blow or rack leaves and grass cuttings

___Fresh seasonal flowers are a bonus in beds or pots – especially near front door

___Repair doors, windows, shutters and other architectural features

___Clean windows inside and out


The Interior - See Your House with a Fresh Eye!


___Replace all missing or burned out lights

___Remove all unnecessary furniture i.e. extra chairs, TV tables, footstools, electronics etc.

___Remove hide personal items i.e. pet items, children’s toys, hobbies-in-progress

___Window coverings should be in good repair and unwrinkled

___Clean windows and mirrors

___Tidy up cables, consider unplugging and hiding for the day


The Day of the Shoot


___Turn on all the lights, including side lamps, under counter lights, lights above the stove etc.

___Straighten bedspreads, linens and throws.  Fluff, arrange and straighten cushions.

___Remove items from under sofas, beds, etc. which can be seen from across the room

___Vacuum the carpets

___Straighten wall decorations

___Turn off ceiling fans, especially those which come on with the light

___Confine pets and occupants for the duration of the shoot

___No cars should be in driveways or in front of the house

___Remove vacuums and hoses from pool

___Trash bins should be in the garage

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