Spot On Images Serves Rockwall, Texas and Surrounding Areas 
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Residential Pricing

Starting From $99

Unlimited Property Shots - INCLUDED

Tired-looking grass? No problem, we make your lawn look nice and green  - INCLUDED

 Overcast, grey sky? No problem, we put a pretty blue sky into your picture - INCLUDED 

F A S T  24 Hour Turn-around - INCLUDED

Square Feet



1000 to 1999


2000 to 2999


3000 to 3999


4000 to 4999


5000 + 









Twilight photos $79

Drone single shot $65
Drone multiple shots $99 

Quoted prices are excluding sales tax

No Nickle & Diming, No Kidding!

Not only is our pricing highly competitive, but we also offer you MORE!  At first glance our pricing may appear similar to some competitors, but it's not, because we include many extras which our competitors charge you for. The example below compares what you get with Spot On Images verses others.  Now their price could be a whopping 69.7% more!

Spot On Images 


No Extra Charge


No Extra Charge

No Extra Charge

Our Price $119


Initial Price 

Extra Photos

Enhanced Grass Color & Fill

Fix Frey or Flat Looking Sky

The Competition






Their Price $202

But wait, "their" pricing structure comes with even more pain: Need to reschedule a shoot? That's a $75 charge. Inclement weather return fee? You're out another $29. Do you need a few extra photos? Another extra charge. How about a single drone shoot? Nope, their minimum is 3 shots for $99 verses our is $50 for. 


With Spot On Images you can forget all the extra fees and charges.  Most of what you need is included in the basic price.

With Spot On Images you know your price up front. No extra nickles. No extra dimes.



Starting From $59 
For a curb appeal residential shot 

We are a one stop shop for all your drone photography need, from simple to large scale commercial projects. Call us for pricing.

We offer drone photography by an FAA Certified pilot and are certified to conduct Commercial Operations


We handle small commercial projects to large scale complex projects spanning several months. Call us for consultation and pricing.

Websites & Marketing Services

Call us for a quote.

Video Production

Call us for a quote.