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Why Isn't My Listing Selling?

November 8, 2019

Spotlight on Real Estate Photography



Best Foot Forward?


An agent called me recently, somewhat on the defensive.  "It's a nice house, the price is right and it's in a good location."  The agent had originally taken her own photos for the  MLS, but she wasn't getting any traffic.  She'd called us because another agent recommended an upgrade to the listing's images, but I don't think she was quite convinced the problem was the photos..


I completely understand the reluctance of some agents to pay for professional  real estate photography.  Many agents worry, because listing rates are shrinking fast - flat fee wholesale agents, online FSBO programs, e-listing and brokers making "as is" offers are killing profitability.  These concerned agents see using their own photos as a way to save their margins.


I'll be honest with you, some of them actually do a pretty good job.  The pictures may be a little dark and their shots might look better if taken at different angles, with different setting or different equipment, but they give their listings a fair showing.  Other agents could be photography pros themselves.  They've invested in the right equipment and they have the eye for photography.  In fact, we were agents ourselves, before we understood we liked photographing property better than we liked selling it.