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The Dangerous Trap of Digital Marketing

October 25, 2019

Spotlight on Social Media



Beware Social Media


You might wonder why I would write an article extolling the dangers of social media marketing, when social media marketing is not only an important part of our own marketing plan, but it is one of the services we offer our clients.  It would be more likely for me to extol the value of social media marketing and convince you it's the ultimate marketing tool.


Well, if you read my articles with any frequency then you know I do believe in online marketing.  Your clients and potential clients are online a portion of every day and it is a great place to be in touch with them.  It you sell impulse items like widgets, t-shirts and coffee mugs, or commodity items like electronics and office supplies, then perhaps you'll be fine with online-focused marketing.  If you sell services like real estate, financial planning, loans, title, insurance and coaching, then digital marketing can be a trap.