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What's That Smell?

September 13, 2019

Spotlight On Community



Out with Bayside, In with Sapphire Bay


I'll be honest with you.  I miss coming home on I-30 and seeing the green hill on the north side of the bridge.  I understand the land was too valuable to leave empty, but I still liked it. 


As they began to pave paradise and put up a parking facility, I tried to focus on the good things coming across the way.  Only I wasn't able to do that for long.  The Bayside developers soon changed their tune about the proposed destination resort, to be built on the south side of the project.  Instead of an entertainment mecca, they let us know it would just be another mixed-use development, of which there are already far too many in DFW (IMHO.)


The other day I was driving across the bridge and smelled something odd.  It wasn't fishy, but it reminded me something had been rotten on the peninsula.  I knew Rowlett and the developer had recently come to some kind of agreement.  The project was taken out of the hands of Bayside and into the hands of a group called Sapphire Bay, after a sale of the land.  I'd been excited by the returned hope of a destination resort with the Crystal Lagoon, but I'd also read all the bad spin on the local Facebook groups and listened to other skeptics.  Had the Sapphire Bay deal already gone so sour I could smell it?


The Crystal Lagoon is Back