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How Many Social Channels Do I Need?

October 18, 2019

Spotlight on Social Media



Where Do You Connect?


Clients often ask me which social channel they should use, but the question usually sounds more like this:

  • I don't need a Twitter account do I?

  • Am I going to have to set up a Linked In Profile?

  • I have a Facebook account, isn't that enough?

Or variations thereof.  Though some people live all day on one of their social media accounts, liking all their friends' meme's, commenting with gif's and posting pictures of their lunch, using social media for business intimidates even them.  If all you have is a Facebook account where you lurk, not post, then it's really scary.


The answer to the question of which social channels is not the same for everyone.  The current message in social media land is that Instagram is the hottest channel out there, but the most important channel for you is probably the one where you already have the most connections.  You could have the best Instagram feed in the world, but without followers it's not doing y