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The Psychology of Staging

April 19, 2019




Spotlight on Staging for Real Estate Photography


Why Staging Your Own Home is Hard


Moving is difficult in the best of situations.  Even when every reason for your move is a step in the right direction, there can be emotional hurdles.  Unfortunately, a move can also be tied to negative life changes and then selling your home becomes just another item on a list of things you don't want to do - at all.  Whether it's a good move or a sad move, taking a hard look at your home and preparing it to be loved by another family can be a difficult project.


One of the reasons we know this is because we were real estate agents before we started photographing homes.  We watched all kinds of people, from singles to multi-generational families move into and out houses.  In those days, shopping online for a home was a brand new thing and most people didn't see a house until they visited in person, but properly staging your home was important, even then.  Online home shopping caught on like wildfire and now more home buyer