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Up in the Air

November 2, 2018


Spotlight on Drones and Aerial Photography


A New Toy


We're flying a new drone these days, the DJI Mavic Pro.  This sleek little monster takes to the air with a vengeance.  It's got all the bells and whistles a drone pilot dreams of, yet it folds up neatly and can be carried in a standard briefcase.  Of all of its wonderful new features, what we like about it is that it is a whole lot easier to fly and a lot more reliable.


The First Drone


When Spot On Images started offering drone photography, the DJI Phantom was the king of the air, so that's what we got.  During our research we discovered there were several out-of -the box issues with it, but compared to the rest of the products available, there really was no competition.  If you were going to use a drone for the real estate photography business, you needed a Phantom. 


The Phantom was a money maker for us.  We were able to shoot still and video images with it for our customers.  However, there were other times it just wouldn't work.  We discovered the king of the air was temperamental.


Drones are designed to utilize a personal device in their controller for flying - a smartphone or a tablet.  We had a tablet specifically designated for the drone and it would usually work, but you couldn't depend on it.  So whe