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What's the Rush

June 22, 2018


Spotlight on Real Estate Photography


Fast or Fabulous?


Can I get these today?  We hear that often and we understand.  You want your listing online as soon as possible.  But do you want your images fast or do you want them to be fabulous?  I'm guessing you really want both.


How Fast is Fast Enough?


We offer 24 hour turnaround to all our customers and this has been the industry standard for a long time, but the industry is changing.  More and more individual photographers are offering their services to real estate agents, but not all real estate photographers are offering what companies like Spot On Images provide.


Many photographers promote themselves with low prices and quick delivery, and if those are your hot buttons, great.  But the low prices and speedy delivery may come at a cost you didn't realize you were incurring.  You may be forfeiting fabulous!  Here's some questions you should ask yourself:


  • Does your photographer shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range?  If they do, are they proces