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High Dynamic Range Photography

February 2, 2018


Spotlight on Real Estate Photography


What is HDR & What Does It Do?


This picture is a perfect example of HDR.  See how everything in the room is perfectly lit.  Then notice how you can look through the windows and see the view outside.  That's the magic of High Dynamic Range.


Here's how it works.  The photographer sets his camera up on a tripod.  Then he sets the camera to HDR and presses a button.  The camera takes a number of photos in quick succession, using a different exposure for each shot.  The number of photos can vary, depending on the challenges of the shot, but in most cases three shots work very well.


This collage shows you the raw results of HDR.  None of these photos is one you would want to use on the MLS, but merged together using a powerful tool, like Adobe Lightroom, along with the program's many editing tools, the results are amazing.