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Nothing Beats Clean

November 24, 2017


Spotlight on Real Estate Photography


Clean is Better than Cute


When it comes to staging a home for sale, nothing beats clean.  That's easy to understand when you think about open houses and showings, because dirt is easy to see up close.  Dust, fingerprints, crumbs, cobwebs and their pals will tell the tale on you when your house is not white-glove ready.  Many teeny tiny minor items that are easy for a seller to overlook can seem like a waving red flag to a nervous buyer, such as:

  • Random crumbs under a breakfast table might suggest larger relatives behind the appliances

  • An innocent cobweb up high in a corner can scream "SPIDER INFESTATION" 

  • Stained grout in a shower will have some potential buyers imagining a wall of mold behind the tile

Sellers should remember, potential buyers are about to make their family's single largest investment.  A cute porcela