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Staging for Actual and Virtual Visitors

November 17, 2017


Spotlight on Real Estate Photography


Open House vs. Online


Though it might seem as if staging your home for open houses and showings would be the same as staging it for photos, that's not exactly so.  Many of the tasks you perform for an open house are exactly the same as staging for photography, but the emphasis is a little different for both.  


Staging for an open house is about creating an experience for those who visit.  The visitor will drive through your neighborhood and see all the assets of living there.  Perhaps along the way they'll see where to shop, the local school, amenities like pools and golf courses, neighbors working on their lawns and kids outside playing with other kids.  They'll park by the curb and walk up your sidewalk.  Blooming flowers, freshly mown grass and a seasonal wreath help welcome them to your home.  Your agent will be there to greet them and invite them in.  Warm baked cookies, fresh cut flowers and perhaps a crackling fire in the fireplace can enhance the experience for everyone who comes through to take a look.


All these positive experiences are stripped from your photos on the internet.  Now, imagine someone sitting in their den watching TV while they click through pictures on their phone and they have none of the benefits of that onsite visit to influence them.  You've really got to make a good virtual impression to get them off their couch and into your living room.  Statistics tell us this shopping scenario is becoming more and more universal.  Your home will have to cross this barrier in most cases, before someone actually visits.  So how do you stand out from the cro