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Jane Sadek, Wordsmith for Spot On Images

September 8, 2017




Picking Up Where Images Leave Off


There’s no denying it.  We’re an image-driven society.  Statistic after statistic confirms it (Infographic from Fast Company).  Images are the easiest way to get attention.  However, without the appropriate words, images are just another pretty picture.  It doesn’t matter how gorgeous a house is, without a little text, you can’t sell that house.


The importance of words begins with the sign in the yard.  Some of the words you’ll need are data, like the address of the home, the square footage, the number of bedrooms, the listing agent and the price.  The legal contracts, disclosures and other documents are also words, but they are already spelled out for you.  There’s not much you can do to enhance these words.


Other bits of information are more discretionary, the description of the house in the MLS listing, your online bio or the words on a flyer.  It’s true that 65% of your potential buyers are visual.  They may buy your listing or hire you to be their agent without ever taking time to read anything, but what about the other 35% of the population.  Are you willing to abandon these people?  Your perfect client might be among them. 


You also have to consider this.  While 65% turns first to images, most use text as a secondary tool.  They scour through images to find 20 houses they like, but then they’ll take the time to read the descriptions to pare down the list.  You want your listing to survive the cut.