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Photography for Your Listings

August 11, 2017




A New Listing – A New To-Do List


Agents, you love listings! You know most come with a pay day, but you also know there’s a lot to do before your future funds are deposited.  Before the ink gets dry on your contract, you know one of the first things you have to do is get the images needed for marketing the property.  These recent National Association of Realtors® (NAR) statistics tell us why.


  • 95% of all buyers use the internet to shop for homes and 44% of them look online as their first step in the home buying process – before they contact an agent or think about financing.

  • 89% of those who use online resources consider images as one of the most important factors in their decision process

  • 58% of the buyers who use mobile search found their homes online

It’s highly likely, according to these numbers that the buyer for a new listing is going to see the home first on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer.  That first digital impression usually decides whether or not a potential buyer will even consider the home as a possibility.  The pictures have to look good.  So what should an agent do?


Take the Pictures Yourself


In some situations, taking the pictures yourself can be a viable solution.  NAR has disclosed buyers under $300K are not as particular about the photos they see online.  Great photos taken with your phone or a digital camera may be all you need – especially in areas where sellers rule and homes have multiple offers on the first day they are marketed.  When you’re in this type of market the minimal investment of ti