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Bill Sadek, Photographer for Spot On Images

August 18, 2017





Person to Person Service


People are important at Spot On Images.  We know our clients by name – not by customer or ticket number.   We know Mary prefers twilight exterior photos, John always wants a drone shot (even if he forgets to ask) and Stacy likes her appointments to be in the morning, so she won’t be tied up when it’s time to pick up her kids.  That’s called relationship.


We’ve designed our business to operate based on relationships.  It’s what sets us apart from the other guys and it’s at the crux of everything we do. Some real estate photography companies thrive on volume.  They service several metropolitan areas and each area is serviced by a team of photographers.  It’s a great business model and it works well for many, but not for everyone.   


There are a variety of reasons why a real estate agent might want to know who would be shooting their listing.  Chief among them is the comfort of knowing you’re going to get what you need with the money and time invested.  You probably want to know a few other things before you schedule a shoot.


You’d like to know your photographer:

  • Understands your desires and preferences.

  • Has the eye to pick out the shots you want.

  • Has the right equipment with the right features to do your job.

  • Provides consistent quality in the finished images.