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We Love Bill!

Spotlight on Our Real Estate Photographer

The Star of the Show

At Spot On Images, Bill takes the pictures and I help with processing them. I also handle the marketing end of things, so I attend a lot of MLS meetings. It's great to see our clients there and when we have the chance to chat, I ask if they are happy with our services. The usual answer is, "We love Bill!"

For awhile, I wondered if this was a polite way of avoiding my question. Maybe they loved Bill, but not his pictures. Or maybe they loved Bill and thought we cost too much. So I started digging a little deeper. I discovered our pictures are great, our prices are competitive and our customers appreciate that we are always ready to go the extra mile, but let me tell you something else, they love Bill.

  • They love how easy it is to call or text him and schedule a shoot

  • They love how flexible he is when the schedule has to change

  • They love the way he communicates with them to verify and notify

  • They love the rapport he develops with their homeowners

  • They love how he always presents himself as a member of the agent's team

  • They love how he'll do light staging and work with the homeowners to put the property's best foot forward

  • They love his photographs

  • They love his drone work

  • They love the way he shows the pictures to the homeowners and/or agents when he is through

Basically, they just love Bill!

I admit it. I'm a little jealous. Bill comes in from a shoot and hands me the files. I process them and then I deliver them after Bill inspects the finished product. Does anyone say how much they love getting the images? Do they appreciate the way we always deliver earlier than we promise? Do they appreciate the images are sent in whatever format the agent wants instead of in the format we determine? Do they appreciate the way we share their listings on social media? No - no one has appreciated any of it. Our clients just love Bill.

It's OK!

It's OK that our clients just love Bill. I don't blame them. I love him, too.

  • I love the enthusiasm he has for homes, decor and land

  • I love the passion he has for photography and drones

  • I love the way he comes home from every shoot with interesting stories about the homes and/or the families

  • I love hearing him discuss why he took a shot a particular way

  • I love learning what challenges he faced with every shoot

  • I love him seeing details in photos I never detect

  • I love that he sometimes gets lost and calls me for directions

  • I even love the way all our clients love him

If you're not loving your real estate photographer and the images you get, then maybe you should call us. You'll love Bill. Everybody does.

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