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Blogging Is Not Dead

Spotlight on Websites

Content is Always King

Whether you are trying to get more hits on your website or more followers on Instagram, the story is always the same - content is king. That doesn't mean exactly what it did when I started blogging (yea those many years ago), but it is still true. Call it whatever you want, the fact remains, people online are consumers and you have to give them something to consume.

There was a time when word count was everything. The more words you offered up to the internet the more it was going to like you. In fact, the more times you used your keywords, the more frequently the search engines would find you. That rendered some interesting syntax, as well as humanly unreadable sentences, but it didn't matter, because all anyone wanted was number of hits.

As the search engines got smarter we found out more hits didn't necessarily lead to more business. Once you get someone to your website, you have to actually have something there to get visitors to stay. That something is content.

Nowadays the internet loves all kinds of content - videos, selfies, GIF's whatever you throw at it, but here's the twist, you still have to use words to tell the internet what it is. Your words might be hashtags, captions, titles, or alternative text, but the search engines are still crawling around waiting for you to tell them who you are and what you are doing. In fact, the right hashtag can be the difference between going viral and dying on the vine.

Don't Be a One Click Wonder

Even if you had the most perfect social media post in the world and every single person on earth liked it, that would be your activity for one day and while it would give your site a boost for awhile, it wouldn't last very long. If an entity has ever asked, "What have you done for me lately?", it's the internet. What the search engines like best is consistency and if you're a small business or an entrepreneur that can't afford to have a social media team, then one of the best ways to consistently provide content to the always-hungry web is blogging or if you prefer vlogging.

Choose your topics, set your schedule and start blogging/vlogging, but that's not all. You can have the best blog/vlog in the world, but people have to find it, so you also need to share your blog. Where you share it depends on where your current and potential customers hang out, but it doesn't hurt to give Google some love and share it on your Google Brand Site.

If you've been looking for a way to bring more traffic to your site or your page, blogging might be just what you're looking for. It's easier than you might think. Some of my clients want me to blog for them and others just need a little nudge to get them going. Give me a call at 972-971-5263 and let's talk about what will work for you.

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